E S T É E   L A U D E R   C O .  ·  E - R E T A I L E R   P R O M O S
+ art direction   + digital design    + animation
+  P R O J E C T  N A M E   Estée Lauder Companies · E-retailer Promos
+   R O L E   Graphic Design · Art Direction · Digital Design · Animation
+   D A T E   2021 - 2022
Series of digital assets, including newsletters and social media content, for brands under The Estée Lauder Companies umbrella, with a primary focus on Estée Lauder and Clinique. These assets were strategically developed to effectively communicate promotional campaigns, product launches, and special events across the digital channels of prominent e-retailers in the Iberian region, such as Primor, Druni, Perfume's Club, Júlia, and more.
Delivering personalised and visually appealing content directly to the target audience's inbox through engaging newsletters and driving interest and generating excitement for the featured brands' offerings through social media content across various platforms, brand visibility is increased and engagement is generated among the e-retailers' audience. 
With this comprehensive approach, digital assets contribute to the success of the group's brands and strengthen their presence in the competitive online landscape.
Made in collaboration with The Estée Lauder Companies E-retailers Team.

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