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+  P R O J E C T  N A M E   3INA · Packaging Redesign 
+   R O L E   Graphic Design · Packaging Design
+   D A T E   2019 - 2022
The packaging redesign for 3INA Makeup's entire product line was a meticulous process. Our team focused on developing a cohesive graphic identity that could be seamlessly applied to products of various shapes and sizes. Careful attention was given to maintaining consistent proportions across different packaging formats, ensuring a harmonious visual appeal.
One of the key elements of the redesign was the introduction of a colour coding system. Each product number was thoughtfully linked to a specific shade, establishing a unified and intuitive experience for customers. Whether it's a lipstick, eyeshadow palette, or foundation, customers can easily identify their desired shade through the number displayed on the packaging.
To create a captivating and playful visual presence, the previously all-black packaging was completely transformed. The new packaging now showcases the entire range of shades in vibrant and dynamic displays. Each product's packaging becomes a canvas for showcasing a burst of color, capturing attention and drawing customers into the world of 3INA makeup.
The new packaging design not only elevates the brand's in-store presence but also contributes to a consistent and recognisable brand identity. The colourful displays and visually engaging packaging create a memorable shopping experience, fostering a connection between customers and the diverse range of 3INA Makeup products.
Made in collaboration with 3INA Creative, Product and Marketing Teams.

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