3 I N A   ·   S O C I A L   M E D I A
+ illustration   + animation
+  P R O J E C T  N A M E   3INA · Social Media
+   R O L E   Graphic Design · Illustration · Animation
+   D A T E   2019 – 2023
Series of dynamic social media posts, both static and animated for 3INA Makeup's Instagram accounts.
As a brand that embodies bold and colourful aesthetics, the content incorporates product illustrations and animations, delivering an engaging and visually appealing representation of the brand's commitment to high-quality, fun, and ethical beauty products.
With a focus on creating an interactive experience, these Instagram posts are designed to captivate the audience and drive engagement, promoting the brand and connecting with customers in a meaningful way and showcasing the impact that this platform can have on a brand's image and marketing efforts.
Made in collaboration with 3INA Creative and Social Media Teams.

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